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Jann Haworth and the BBC

Jann Haworth

Jann Haworth with a crew from the BBC outside of the SLC Pepper mural.

Walking past the Rose Establishment coffee shop on the way to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, we ran into artist Jann Haworth, preparing for an interview with the BBC.

Haworth is best-known for co-creating the cover of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s album cover with then husband Peter Blake. She was already a famous artist by then — one of the founders of the Pop movement in Britain — and has not been content to rest on her 1967 laurels. In Utah since 1997, she continues to show regularly, both locally (she’s part of the Work To Do exhibit at BYU right now — see our review in the June 2013 edition) and internationally. The UMFA, BYU’s Museum of Art and the Utah Arts Council have all added her work to their collections in recent years. As has the Tate in Britain.

On Saturday she was with the BBC crew to film in front of the SLC Pepper mural on 400 West (250 S.), a work that recreates the original album cover but replaces the iconic cutouts with new figures. She said the crew, part of The Culture Show on BBC 2, would be filming at her Sundance home on Sunday.

Haworth runs the Lab@TheLeo, the artist residency program at The Leonardo in downtown Salt Lake City. You can catch her — and some of her famous soft sculptures — there most days. A profile of Jann Haworth appeared in the July 2008 edition of 15 Bytes.

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