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In the Footsteps of Thomas Moran Art Invitational in Zion National Park

Cody DeLong's Zion Lights Show

One would be hardpressed to think of a bad time to visit Zions National Park. Maybe the height of summer, when the park is hot and filled with tourists? Even then it’s not a terrible way to spend a weekend. Visiting in the fall, when the temps are cool but not cold, and the changing leaves add a few more shades to the park’s warm palette, can be particularly enjoyable. The folks at the Zion Natural History Association think the addition of their plein-air “Quick Draw” event will make Saturday, November 10 the best day to visit the park all year.

For the past week 25 invited landscape painters from across the country have been in the park painting as park of the “In the Footsteps of Thomas Moran” plein air invitational, providing free daily painting demonstrations at the Zion Human History Museum and evening lectures at the Zion Lodge. Paintings produced during the week will be on sale in the Zion Nature Center November 10 through the 12, with proceeds to benefit special projects in the park.

If you visit Saturday you’ll be able to see these same artists participating in the “Quick Draw” event. At 1:00 pm artists will begin painting on the lawn in front of the Zion Lodge, finishing up their paintings by 2:3o.

If you’re coming from the north of Utah, you might have to make it through some snow in the mountain passes, but with temperatures in the 50s and little chance of precipitation, it might be well worth it.

For more info visit http://www.zionpark.org

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