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Impromptu graffiti art at Liberty Park

It’s that time of year in Utah when it’s hard to tell if it is spring or winter. Days brimming with sixty degree weather can be chased away by snowstorms that blow horizontally. Earlier this week someone down at Liberty Park decided to embrace the warm weather to create some impromptu public art. Stretching saran wrap between two trees in the park they created a temporary wall on which to create their graffiti art. But, if we’re right in thinking that may be the squirrel from Ice Age, they may have had an inkling of the cold front to come.

The photos come courtesy Suzanne Larson. If someone is using their creativity to transform your neighborhood, we’d love to share an image with our audience. Email your photos, and a little description, to webmaster@artistsofutah.org.

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  1. On the plus side, the truth of Banksy’s insistence that graffiti is still vandalism makes this a welcome innovation. On the negative side, the fragile, temporary nature of this medium means this work will quickly fall prey to a hostile public administration. Better, perhaps, that someone campaign for a project to erect a sanctioned place for this. How about a zig-zag wall, invoking the old way of building a stronger fence with less material that was used by everyone from Thomas Jefferson to the farmers over whose land the Civil War was notoriously fought. Make it of disposable material and move it around. Let graffiti artists find it, do it, and enjoy their 15 seconds of fame before some vandal paints over their masterpiece.

    Ya gotta love democracy in action.

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