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Holiday Party

We want to thank everyone who came to the Artists of Utah Holiday Office Party, especially the volunteers and staff who made it such a great success. A couple hundred people came and must have had a good enough time because we had scores of requests to make this an annual event. Which we will.
We want to thank:
The Salt Lake Art Center for hosting the event and the staff for working late on a Wednesday night to make it happen (but they looked like they were having a good time too, so it couldn’t have been too much of a burden 🙂
Laura Durham and her Christmas Carolers for the extraordinary music.
Bad Dog Rediscovers America for providing a great activity for the kids.
All of you who brought great dishes for the potluck.
Everyone who participated in the White Elephant Gift exchange — especially those artists who gave original art as their gift.
Artists of Utah board member Stefanie Dykes, who organized the event, and all of the Artists of Utah volunteers who made everything run smoothly.

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