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Heidi Moller Somsen

Heidi Moller Somsen, a visual artist born in Saskatchewan and raised on the British Columbian coast, utilizes art to navigate life’s complexities and to explore her deep-seated curiosities. Her work, enriched by her BFA in ceramics and an MFA in studio art, delves into the themes of personal growth, anxiety, feminist theology, and animal archetypes, paralleling the natural progression of pain and development experienced from infancy to adulthood. Somsen’s artistic journey began in childhood, crafting creations from driftwood, rocks, and moss, sealed with a layer of glue, a testament to her lifelong playful and imaginative engagement with materials. Once noted for her daydreaming in grade school, this whimsical contemplation remains a vital part of her creative process. Currently, Somsen imparts her passion and expertise to students at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah.

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