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Haily South

Haily South is a self taught mixed media artist from Utah. She grew up in a modest home with her three siblings, raised by a self-employed jack of all trades father, & a summer’s day of a mother who struggles with chronic illness. She was often an unsupervised, wild tomboy climbing trees barefoot, & saving worms from the rain.

These themes feed into her work: a personal quest for that ethereal spark; a connection with a divine feminine through wild & emotive brush strokes. She works as a full-time artist out of her home studio in Orem, Utah with her supportive husband & cuddly pup.

Artist Statement
My work reflects my desire to connect with a divine feminine. I am in constant pursuit of that ethereal spark – working through themes of transformation, self sovereignty, serenity, boundaries, & empowerment. I work to create what sets my soul on fire, in hopes of spreading that spark.


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