H2O This Weekend

This week Brolly Arts and Repretory Dance Theatre present H2O, a week long art exhibition followed by three nights of performances at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center.

The exhibit is free and open to the public all week. Brolly Arts will be performing free Thursday through Saturday 5:30pm – 7:30pm. Immediately following are a series of RDT performances (tickets are $30).

The event “honors the beauty, the power, and the sacred nature of life’s most important element.”
The 2010 Brolly Arts’ H20 Exhibition and Performances includes local and national choreographers, painters, sculptors, film-makers, poets, and performance artists including: Trent Alvey with invited musical artist Gentry Densley, Blaine Black, Ellen Bonett, Laurie Bray, Spencer Cope, Sallie Dean-Shatz, Julie Foster, Dave Hall and Joel Long, Ian Leinbach, Jimmy Miklavcic and Another Language, Maggie Nowinski, Zara Shallbetter, Holly Simonsen and Laura McCoy, Marcela Torres, Margaret Willis, Gary Wiseman, Lynne Wymmer, and The Midwives Collective (from Philadelphia).
Performances choreographed by Sofia Gorder and Mallory Rosenthal.

Trent Alvey sent us word of her portion of the exhibit: “I’ll be interacting with my exploratory installation, Listening to Water, three nights this weekend . . . The Bells are hooked up to electronics and vibrate at about 194 hertz. I will have a computer Oscilliscope, so that one can watch the live frequency, and then just tap it lightly to get bell sounds that reverb into the water. A large pool of water sits under the bells. The sound travels through the water and the Rose Wagner building, more as vibration than a sound, which is exactly what I was hoping for. As I was “playing” it yesterday, people started to emerge from their offices to see from where the frequency originated. I have invited local musician, Gentry Densley (Eagle Twin), to join me in exploring the electronics of water and sound.”

As part of the exhibit Brolly Arts also presents: Dress Tent: Wearable Architecture by Robin Lasser + Adrienne Pao
The Dress Tent project consists of wearable architecture and large-scale color photographs that merge the dress tent sculpture with its companion landscape constructing a fashion of place. The structures are designed to be shown in a gallery or museum as interactive installations, but are imbued with a nomadic legacy of being worn and installed in the landscape.

And finally there are RDT’s evening of performances entitled “H20” which
feature Zvi Gotheiner’s GLACIER; WATERMARK by RDT alumnus, Ford Evans, with original score by composer Ricklen Nobis; WATER STUDY by Doris Humphrey performed by members of Children’s Dance Theatre; and Francie Lloyd’s THE LADY OF THE LAKE (a 2004 performance of the last seen below).


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