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GUY DILL: Sculptures from Los Angeles and the White Series at Julie Nester Gallery

Hayden, powder coated aluminum, 37″ x 14″ x 12″

February 1 – 26

Guy Dill is a renowned American abstract sculptor; his bronze and aluminum sculptures, while not figurative, often suggest the lines, curves, and lithe swoops of bodies and movement itself. Dill’s sculptures range in size from smaller works (37″) to larger works for outdoor or indoor placement. His works are included in many important museum, public and private collections, including: the Museum of Modern Art, NYC; Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NYC; Whitney Museum of Art, NYC and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

THE EXHIBITION will include sculptures from Los Angeles and the White Series. Geometric building blocks form the beginning of Guy’s bronze sculptures. Choosing organic vitality over a strict adherence to pure geometry, Dill continues to forgo the strict vertical/ horizontal coordinates and right-angle junctions. This approach results in sculptures that celebrate movement; his refined sculptures are sexy, sleek and industrial.
In the White Series, the choice for white allows for a duality in each sculpture’s realization and a calculated tension between surface and volume. As a neutral staging device, the finished application allows each form to exist without being locked into a surface identity. In this series, Guy is searching for and redefining opposition in each work, reconciling the sculptures’ heavy materiality in contrast to their almost weightless and fluid aesthetic.

Julie Nester Gallery
1280 Iron Horse Dr.
Park City, UT | 84060 US

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