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Both of Ogden’s Grounds for Coffee shops display local art. Though run by the same couple, Dan and Suzy Dailey, each venue has developed its own personality as far as an alternative venue for art goes.

Because their 3005 Harrison Boulevard shop is located near Weber State University it has adopted a philosophy of “anything goes” which results in artwork that has a more experimental feel. “I don’t have any guidelines except that the artist must have a minimum of 9 pieces framed and suitable for hanging,” Suzy Dailey says. “I figure anyone who has gone to this expense is serious enough about what they do to warrant a show.” The shows are always a surprise, and Dailey enjoys the ones that get people talking.

The shop at 111 Historic 25th Street participates in Ogden’s First Friday Night Gallery Stroll, so Dailey feels compelled to be more serious about the level of work. As a result, the selection process involves a little more effort. Dailey might look at the work first, ask about previous exhibitions, or ask friends and other artists about the artist’s work.

Dailey recognizes that her selection process is not necessarily the best, “but for now [it] seems to be working. I am after all a coffee shop first, gallery second. It helps too, that I do not take any kind of cut or commission on anything that is sold during the show. The reward for me is to have new art every month.”

Over the years, the two spaces have hosted a wealth of Ogden and Salt Lake Artists, including Steve Stones, Brandon Cook, Roberta Glidden, Glenda Smith, Cathy Cartwrght, Lisa Nichols, and the list goes on and on.

Currently showing are the still life oils of Marla Duggins at the 25th Street location, and Cubist oil painter Bryan Childs at the Harrison shop.

Stop in at the two Grounds for Coffee Shops in Ogden and see which venue fits your artistic palette. Finding a match for your beverage palette will be no problem, as both Grounds for Coffee feature over sixty drink options.

Grounds for Coffee is located at 111 Historic 25th Street and 3005 Harrison Boulevard in Ogden.

This article originally appeared in the May 2005 edition of 15 Bytes.

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