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Going Underground for Chuck Landvatter’s “Digital Analogue”

Chuck Landvatter, “Digital Analogue,” 2021, 9 x 36 ft., image courtesy the artist.

Drive, walk or bike around downtown Salt Lake City and it won’t be long before you spot one of the many murals dotting the urban landscape. For this mural by Chuck Landvatter, however, you’ll have to go underground.

Commissioned by the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art in 2021, “Digital Analogue” runs along the underground passage that connects City Creek Center with Harmons (It’s called The Link at City Creek, but long-time residents may remember its entrance as The Old Social Hall). Measuring 9 x 36 feet long, Landvatter’s mural is located inside one of many glassed-in, yet-to-be-leased alcoves that run along the underground corridor. 

Image credit: Shawn Rossiter

Image credit: Shawn Rossiter

Landvatter’s murals, which wrap around exterior brick walls, scale up large apartment buildings and dominate interiors at several businesses in the area, generally employ a mix of abstract, geometric shapes and portions of realistically rendered figures. And are usually painted. Here the figures are absent, and Landvatter has digitally reassembled portions of previous works for an inventive amalgamation of form, movement and color, printed on vinyl (a fact which may leave mural purists quibbling about definitions).

Chuck Landvatter, “Digital Analogue,” 50 State Street, Salt Lake City

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