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Gift to Self: The Wearable Art of Meredith Franck


It was not my intention to buy myself a gift. I already own a Meredith Franck original, purchased many years ago. I simply wanted to interview her and write about her newest designs, influenced by her interest in abstract art. But there’s something magical about walking down the shadowy path beside her house, through the tiny backyard filled with plants and comfy cushioned seating areas, and into the cottage that is her showroom. All (well, most) budget concerns are left on the street. This is a place for draping myself in luscious fabrics, donning fashions flattering to any figure, and telling myself I deserve a little self-indulgence.


Sue Martin takes us into the studio of art fashionista Meredith Franck in the December 2014 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. Beautifully written! Enjoyed the visit from Sue Martin. I imagine her in my pieces at her events. My clothing clients are special with a huge vibrate presence in the world. Magic happens in my Cottage Showroom. I hope you will visit me soon and often.-Meredith Franck

  2. “An Ode to Meredith Franck” could be the title of this piece. The writer describes the composition of these works of art lovingly and creatively as her own artist’s eye delves into the many textures and colors of Meredith’s clothing. A pleasure to read as I too am an admirer of Meredith’s talents.

  3. I am so pleased to see this article about Meredith Franck and her work. Meredith strikes me as a person who re-creates her world as she makes her pieces of clothing. Passionately inspired by traditional kimonos and other cultures’ indigenous styles, Meredith makes art that is both a tribute to the traditions that inspire her, and a very personal and contemporary statement. Whether it is a scarf carefully assembled from vintage silks, or a kimono style jacket bold enough to create a stir wherever it is worn, Meredith’s pieces have an exuberant and dramatic presence. Franck’s work is designed to make its way into the world by clothing us, however it could as easily be hung on a wall. Meeting Meredith Franck and her work is not to be missed!

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