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Getting our June edition ready

Jim Frazer

We’re in the thick of it now, getting the June edition ready for publication on Wednesday. You won’t need a novel to take with you to the beach or lake this summer; just print out a copy of the June edition and you’ll have plenty to read.

In this photo by Manju Dhevi, Jim Frazer, our Artist Profile for this month, is seen inside one of the curiosity boxes he is preparing for his exhibition at Finch Lane Gallery. In addition to Frazer, we have plenty more artists in this edition of 15 Bytes, including: Cary Griffiths, Eva Joregensen, Zuzanna Smolarkiewicz, Chelsea Hertford Taylor, Gentry Blackburn, Tessa Lindsey, Laura Besterfeldt, Joshue Luther, Jeffrey Winkler, Brock Porter and Doug Braithwaite. And more plenty more. So buy yourself some legal size paper this week because you’ll want to print out our PDF version this month.

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