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Gallery Stroll Preview

The Salt Lake Arts Center, located at 20 South West Temple is currently hosting two exhibits.   PERSPECTIVES OF CONFLICT feature’s work by local artists. The featured artist, Kazuo Matsubayashi, is a professor of Architecture at the University of Utah who has added to the scenery of Utah with works including ASTEROID LANDED SOFTLY, which currently resides at the Gallivan center. Supporting artists include but are not limited to Fletcher Booth, John Erickson, Suzanne Fleming, and Gary Pickering. All types of media are presented in this show.
Artist Victor Kastelic displays his lifetime achievements in a show titled CLOUD BURST. Kastelic spent 12 years in Italy drawing with pencil and oils. For this show he included three hundred small drawings and a few large murals painted on the art center walls. Both shows will hang until October 5th.

Art Access Gallery, 339 West Pierpont explores the subject of Spirituality. The show, entitled SPIRITUALITY AND COMPTEMPORY ART,  features artists Phil Richardson, Trevor James Bazil, ViviAnn Rose, James Charles and Gregory Parascenzo. This diverse group of artists present their personal exploration and interpretation of spirituality through sculpture, paintings and photography. This show challenges and reinforces spirituality. Gregory Parascenzo explores the ritual side of spirituality with his paintings using the relationship of the artist and the act of creating. James Charles uses his life experiences being educated in Catholic schools and in a naval hospital to paint his figurative forms. To VivAnn Rose “Nature is her church and Art is her religion. Her photography’s presents the spiritualness inherent in nature. Five artist, five different styles one large idea.

For many years, Mariah Mann Mellus was the dedicated art writer for SLUG Magazine and has also been a contributor to The New Century Collector and Artists of Utah’s 15 Bytes.

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