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Gabriella Huggins New Director of Art Access

The Board of Directors for Art Access has announced the selection of a new Executive Director, Gabriella Huggins. She will begin leading Art Access on Monday, July 19, 2021.

Gabriella Huggins is a multi-media arts practitioner and student of social work from Salt Lake City, Utah—ancestral Shoshone, Paiute, Goshute and Ute territory. For more than a decade, she has served as a community organizer, youth mentor, and teaching artist with a number of local nonprofits and city agencies, including Spy Hop and Youth City. Her work has been recognized by Salt Lake City Zoo, Arts and Parks and in local and nationally respected publications. A skilled facilitator and forward-thinking advocate, socio-political equity and justice motivates her personal and professional aspirations. She is excited to join the Art Access team in the mission of creating a diverse and inclusive arts community through centering the experience of people living with disabilities, as well as the experiences of other marginalized folks in the state. In her free time, Gabriella can be found walking her dog and listening to podcasts, sharing meals and beers with her husband and friends, and sewing dresses with pockets.

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