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Free Wednesdays at the UMFA

Andy Warhol's Mother and ChildThe December edition of 15 Bytes is due out this Wednesday, but as you might have noticed by now, we don’t usually get the thing out until the evening. So if Wednesday arrives and you feel yourself itching for your dose of art, you might visit the UMFA at the University of Utah, where, due to ZAP funding, admission is free the first Wednesday of every month.  This is the last month to catch Andy Warhol’s Dream America: Screenprints from the Collection of the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation, which comes down January 6.

This exhibit is a chance to see  approximately 100 screenprints by the internationally acclaimed pop artist.  Featured in this exhibition are some of the late artist’s most popular “suites” or portfolios of work including the "Maos," "Marilyn Monroes," "Campbell’s Soup," "Mick Jaggers," "Ten Jews," and "Cowboys and Indians." In addition several individual prints are highlighted including "John F. Kennedy Campaign Poster" for the "Flash" portfolio as well as the suite’s cover, "Jackie I" and "Jackie II," and several revealing self portraits. 

Dave Gagon has written about the exhibit in the Desert News here.


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