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Francis Zimbeaux: Studio Space

Zim’s Studio | photographs & text by Bill Fulton

Francis Zimbeaux’s studio rests on top of his home, added there in the early seventies by the artist and a carpenter friend, Connie Gorder. Connie remains to this day a very close, while-away-the-afternoon talking and sipping vodka compadre.

Access to this studio is a challenge at any age given the necessary angle for a stairway into this space. Imagine the regular ascent and descent for a man in his early nineties.

The location of the studio is metaphorical in that Zimbeaux’s art comes from the higher reaches of his imagination rather than a more physical reality.

These photos were taken on a sunny Saturday in early March of 2005. Even the trash can, a cardboard box on which many a brush had been wiped, was artistic but became the only object “not allowed” to be included in this set.

See the full photo essay in the March 2005 edition of 15 Bytes

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