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Francis Zimbeaux: Early Years


Francis Zimbeaux was a storyteller and a mythmaker, whether in his art or in his life. His paintings frequently explored remembered or imagined landscapes, and were shrouded in a mythic mist, filled with reclining nudes, dancing nymphs and pipe-blowing Pans. His own story has been shrouded in a similar mist, created by him or those around him. He was French, the story goes, and spoke French as a child; his parents lived a bohemian lifestyle; he grew up playing in Matisse’s studio; his mother was a famous concert pianist…

With an upcoming exhibit of works by Francis Zimbeaux at Phillips Gallery, Duncan Hilton takes a look at the early life of the artist in the February 2015 edition of 15 Bytes.

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  1. The Scots are famous for their many gifts to humanity, but none surpasses the Campbell’s clan’s contribution: argyll (for the hopelessly unCeltic, that’s ‘argyle.’ One day we may also need to change the spelling of dour to dure for those poor souls who think it’s ‘dower’)

    Artists are also loved for their contributions to our lives. Francis Zimbeaux enriched our lives with his art, but gazing on the photo of a man I was not privileged to meet in life, I realize he presented another gift to those more fortunate than I:those who met him saw a true artist, all the way down to his argyll sox.

    Long life argyll! Long live Francis Zimbeaux!

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