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For Bill Kranstover, Two Hands (or Pair of Hands) Are Better Than One

“It’s always been a wonderful experience and great form of communication to talk in an abstract manner and problem solve while laying down paint or putting together sculpture,” says William Kranstover, a Park City artist who has been contributing to the town’s art scene as a sculptor, painter and teacher for years (he has earned the Meritorious Service Award for art in his community).

Kranstover works out of the small town of Peoa, where almost a decade ago he converted the Peoa Cash Store on State Road 32 into a studio, with the help of his daughter Malia Denali. In his recent work he has been adding multimedia elements to his acrylic paintings, using posters, newspapers and puzzle pieces.  “Painting more proficiently with both hands rates real high,” he says of this past year. It keeps the work loose and surprises keep coming through.”

The best part of the year, however, was having his daughter come home to paint and sculpt with him in the Peoa studio.

Check out his work at:


Best Of (2018) was curated by Emily Larsen.

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  1. I was fortunate enough to see his Peoa workshop today while searching for pioneer grave yards.
    William is a gifted artist with an ingredible style, who renders his subjects with stark simplicity combining strong colors that are easy on the eyes and exciting at the same time.
    Thanks for showing us around.

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