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FLASH PROJECTS “The Dead See Scrolls” by Alex Moya at Finch Lane Flash Projects

Salt Lake City
Mar. 3-6

“The Dead See Scrolls” by Alex Moya


Tired of endlessly scrolling online? Take a break from the digital world, and visit an art installation that takes a playful look at the blurred line between the physical and the digital. Alex Moya combines the ideas of old, analog scrolls that hold history, information, and mystical truths, to comment on our contemporary, digital scrolling through digital pages.

The installation will include a projection of “scrolling” video collages and manipulations of social media that will be projected onto a paper scroll. In addition, Moya will create mixed media works on paper that feature elements of social media blended with snippets of old scrolls, blurring the lines between these digital and physical technologies.

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