Mixed Media

Fibonacci Visits the Desert and LA Artists Come to Utah to Get Fruity: Mixed Media This Week

5/16 Lamplight show highlights beauty in the shadows.

5/17 Art exhibit to connect Utahns with our fallen fruits. Don’t be surprised if you’re befuddled on hearing about the Fallen Fruit Collective’s upcoming exhibit at the Salt Lake Art Center. Something deceptively simple-sounding sweeps you into profound artistic concepts.

5/18 Seeing ourselves through artists’ eyes.

5/21 Artists, homeowners to showcase lawn art. The self guided tour is presented by the Salt Lake Art Center and 337 Project. It features over 50 lawn sculptures throughout Salt Lake Valley and runs through June 17.

5/21 ‘Ratio’ land art is new addition to Green River. For 89-year-old retired Seattle school teacher and railroad buff Herbert Steiner, part of his legacy will be for financing a piece of land art called “Ratio.”

5/22 More from less: New BDAC show finds beauty in between shades.

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