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Feel Good Color: Art by John Welch at Marmalade Branch

Salt Lake City
Jan. 18 – Feb. 22

Reception: Feb. 4, 1 – 2:30

Marmalade Branch Library
280 W. 500 North
Salt Lake City

John uses an improvisational approach not only in his art, but in his very life. He keeps his creative flow open by feeling his way through a project, avoiding what he calls “mechanized thinking”. He never envisions an end result wen beginning a project, but deals only with hue in art and key signature in musical improvisation until a natural final form evolves.

John Strives to produce only uplifting works, using color, light and a range of depth producing techniques to draw the viewer inward.


Artist’s Bio

John Welch was born and lives in the western United States. With the renowned Rudolf Schaeffer in San Francisco, he studied the ancient disciplines of color and design. For twenty-five years under the tutelage of master teacher Jean Penny Bailey, and the writings of Dr. Bagat Sing Thind, he studied philosophy, color, and sound, learning the dynamics of their far-reaching effects upon one’s attitudes, i.e.: the more refined and pure the sound and color, the more elevated the initial response and the greater the potential benefit. He was also made aware of the significance and importance of the colors and patterns in the energy fields of everything. He uses no earth tones, i.e.: umber, black etc. in any color mixes.

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