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Feed the Hungry, Foster the Arts  

Catholic Community Services of Utah has a unique way of raising money to help feed the homeless and also benefit some of Utah’s best artists — Feed the Hungry Foster the Arts Festival. Salt Lake businessman John Henkels started the festival 14 years ago and the festival caught the public’s imagination.

This year for the first time in its history the festival was held away from St. Vincent DePaul / Weigand Resource Center for the Homeless.   “Due to the increased use of the Center, it’s difficult to close it for a fundraising event.” said Sharon Downing, Director of Emergency Services for Catholic Community Services.   The festival was held at the historic Union Pacific Depot at the Gateway Center on December 6, 7 and 8.

Dave Malone of Huddleston Malone Sligting created an original sculpture, Movement Within, for the festival.  “My sculpture is what you see and feel. Human beings — like art — require interaction and interaction stimulates life, passion and a longing for self-reliance.” said Malone.  The sculpture was on display at the Gateway Center from November 27th until December 5th before being raffled off at the festival.

Proceeds from Feed the Hungry Foster the Arts go to support St. Vincent dePaul / Weigand Resource Center for the Homeless. The Center provides hot meals, showers, temporary job referrals, medical and mental health referrals and legal referrals. Services and outreach activities at the Center are offered free of charge to participants.

For more information about the center or to inquire about next year’s festival visit:

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