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Erik Gonzales, Brenda Mallory and Maura Segal at Julie Nester Gallery

Park City
June 26 – July 25

Julie Nester Gallery
1280 Iron Horse Dr.
Park City, UT | 84060 US

Creating contrasts with color, form, texture and materials.

Erik Gonzales
“The use of contrasts within my work is there to enhance and enliven opposing forms and colors, not to segregate them. It allows me to demonstrate the equally important qualities of rough and smooth textures, dark and light colors and hard and soft forms. Contrast becomes the driving force within these recent paintings by creating definition and meaning from all of the thoughts and memories that inspired them.”

Brenda Mallory’s mixed media sculptural works are comprised of a variety of materials including cloth, fibers, beeswax, and found objects. These organic forms are connected with blackened nuts and bolts and other hardware to represent the meshing of the natural and industrial worlds. The contrast of crude mechanics and beautiful, natural forms addresses ideas of interference and disruption in established systems of nature and human cultures.

Maura Segal
“My inspiration is drawn from modern architecture and minimalism. In my work, I juxtapose acrylic paint with a layer of hand-cut paper strips insinuating the volume of three-dimensional sculptures. I enjoy the contrast between negative and positive spaces, the counterpoint between lines and shapes and the coexistence of two and three dimensional planes.”

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