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Emily Quinn Loughlin

Emily Quinn Loughlin is a Park City, Utah native. Loughlin received her B.F.A., with honors, in Fibers from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in 2015. Loughlin is driven to digest the waste materials of her community, using reclaimed materials from local businesses in her fine art pieces. Through these as well as her installation and styling projects, Loughlin seeks to uncover unique and inspiring beauty.

Artist Statement

“My work is an exploration of my spiritual beliefs through a biological lens. A fine art and textile background informs my interpretation of our complex world through material. I begin by developing an element to use as a building block, and then I find unique ways of combining said elements to develop unique, strange, and beautiful objects. Through this process the elements grow, mutate, and evolve, revealing their own nature and perspective. This nod to dadaism gives a certain amount of control over the finished piece to the object itself. In fact, it is my goal to reveal to people a deeper nature of life in an attempt to stretch our limited human perspective. It is a principle of my work to use only found and second-hand objects. Using recycled material is a conscious effort to support the healthy digestion of material goods in our high-throughput consumer society.





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