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Elisabeth Bunker

After receiving a BFA in Painting from Metropolitan State University of Denver, I moved to Salt Lake City. I’ve been teaching secondary art to refugees and English Language Learners, creating public artwork, and making art inspired by the Great Salt Lake, environmental issues including the inversion, and Utah’s unique landscapes ever since. I am constantly inspired by my students, local beauty, and the complexities of life here in Utah. I am currently working out of Poor Yorick Studios.


By abstracting, combining, and manipulating images, the work becomes more about my perceptions than the places or subjects themselves. Using saturated colors and allowing the paint to drip and combine creates a dream-like quality, and stylizing the elements of the subject, pushing line and color, evokes emotion rather than specificity. My work is process based, and the medium guides the work. Creation of beauty and the mark-making are as important as the image.


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