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Drilling for Oil by the Spiral Jetty?

A request has been filed to permit oil drilling in the Great Salt Lake four miles from the Robert Smithson’s earthwork, the Spiral Jetty.  The proposed exploratory drilling, subsequent infrastructure, and staging area would all be be visible from the Jetty.

The State has not yet made a decision on this application.  Jonathan Jemming, Director of the Resource Development Coordinating Committee, is gathering input from the public and various state agencies about the application.  The initial deadline for public imput was January 30th. Due to a flurry of emails and voicemails on the 30th, the deadline has been extended and Jemming will be taking comments from the public until Feb. 13, 2008.  He can be reached at:

Jonathan Jemming 801-537-9023
Application No. 8853

The permit request, along with maps showing the location of the drilling can be found at:
(this is a very large — 6mb — pdf file so may take time to load)

What do you think about the proposal?

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