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Douglas Tolman

Douglas Tolman is a Salt Lake City artist who spends as much time as possible in the surrounding wilderness. His work varies, but yypically can be categorized as Anthropological, Altered Landscape, Action-based, Minimalist, or all the above.

Artist Statement
“I come from a long lineage of hard-working pioneers, and I’m proud of many things that come from my heritage. My ancestors truly learned how to tame a wild land into a place they and their descendants could call home. This heritage also fills me with dissonance; the blank spot on the map where my ancestors came to develop this vast network of industry was already inhabited by indigenous people. With the displacement of these people came a loss of historical connection to the land, and rapid industrial growth without an understanding of consequences. My work sets out to acknowledge the consequences of colonization on Utah’s land, opening community discourse on how we can repair past mistakes and prevent future ones.”




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