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Doug Braithwaite

Doug Braithwaite is known around the state for his plein-air landscape paintings, which have won numerous awards (see page 6). Brandon Cook reviewed the artist’s recent exhibition at the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden for our June edition.

What hangs above your mantel?

I have a 1986 etching called “Chripalis : Sundance” by B. Haddock above my mantel.

What is your favorite building in Utah?

My favorite building in Utah is a little cabin in Teasdale that Cathy Bagley of Torrey Gallery lets me stay in once in a while on painting trips.

What is the most memorable exhibit you’ve seen recently? 

I just saw an exhibit at the Laguna Art Museum that featured paintings by Colin Campbell Cooper. There were lots of paintings that he did from all over the world. I knew some of the work from books but came away from the show feeling like I had just met the artist.



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