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Salt Lake Reconsidered: Diane Tuft at the Kimball Art Center

. . . The lake is teaming with microorganisms brought forth to life in abstraction. Here we see vestiges of foam, bacteria, brine shrimp, salt, minerals, and maybe more we don’t know of, because we see through a lens. The surface of Tuft’s photographs, which are hung without intermediary glass, have a smooth glass-like veneer, oddly embodying the sheen of the lake. Each surface reflects back to you yet allows you to see through it. The seduction of the photographic process is complete . . .

TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE GO TO: http://www.artistsofutah.org/15bytes/09mar/page5.html

has taught art history at Westminster College since 2006, and has also taught at the University of Utah and Weber State University. Her extensive exploration of Spiral Jetty will published next year by the University of Utah Press in a book titled The Spiral Jetty and Rozel Point: Rotating Through Time and Place.

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