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David Estes: Artist Profile


Like many artists, David Estes didn’t start out thinking art would be a viable living. He studied it in college, but didn’t immediately pursue painting as a career. After a fellow artist encouraged him to work in oils, though, he became hooked, and over the past decade has built an excited patron base. Though he’ll occasionally paint landscapes and figures, Estes says he’s really drawn to the still life, painting the menagerie objects that find their way into his Millcreek studio. He’s part of an exhibit of still-life painters this month at the Eccles Art Center in Ogden. While his iPod shuffled, we talked with him about fear, painting, and the joys of the studio; and let the camera roll as he worked on a large painting of a crumpled beer can.¬†

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  1. Very well done, Ms. Fulton and Mr. Estes. I appreciate your taking time to share your observations and lived-experience. I guess with anything worthwhile, do it to one’s best ability, even when it seems like no one can see or hear you. Cheers!

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