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Darl Thomas : TRAX Power Station Stop, 1500 W. North Temple

Darl Thomas’ work was installed in Spring of 2013 as part of the new TRAX Airport Line.

From a 15 Bytes article on the Airport Line artwork:

Sculptor Darl Thomas, who calls himself a “minimalist” sculptor and is represented locally by A Gallery in Salt Lake City, was selected to produce art for the Power Station stop, which is next to the Rocky Mountain Power facility at 1407 West. His design process included trips to the Utah archives to look for historic images of the power plant and the mechanical parts that go into it. “I found out that Salt Lake City was the fifth city in the world to have a central generating plant,” says Thomas. He also found photographs of transmission towers, which, he says, have always attracted him for their sculptural aesthetic.

He made a model of a sleek, abstracted transmission tower that could serve as a central feature of his installation. Though the design didn’t quite fit the station platform environment, Rocky Mountain Power liked it and asked Thomas to build it and install it on their property for their Centennial celebration last year.

Meanwhile, Thomas’s approved design for the station platform includes stainless steel and bronze caps, made to look like hydroelectric generators, that fit over three round concrete benches. It also includes images of wires and electric insulators etched into glass windscreens. The glass panels have alternating positive and negative images for the wires and insulators. And there’s a surprise for in-the-know members of the community: a small fox near the bottom of one glass panel, commemorates the fox farm that used to be near Diamond Lil’s restaurant location off of North Temple.


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