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Dance Experiment: Linda C. Smith and 50 Years of Repertory Dance Theatre

_DSC4810(1)In photographs of Utah’s Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) taken in the 1970s Linda C. Smith is a slim, regal young woman, a bit sharp-angled reminiscent of  Martha Graham, her long, dark hair ironed straight and parted down the middle in the fashion of the day. Her expression is soulful and serious but with a determined set to the jaw—she looks like the kind of person who might dedicate her life to Truth and Beauty, and as things turned out, that’s exactly what she did. In 1966, Smith became one of the original eight founders of RDT, and 50 years later she is still with the company as Executive/Artistic Director. During those years Smith has guided the company through crisis and opportunity and achieved her dream to be a dancer, to work with the finest choreographers and to do it all right here in Utah . . .

Read the profile in the October 2015 edition of 15 Bytes.

Amy Brunvand is an award-winning poet and an associate librarian at the Marriott Library at the University of Utah.

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  1. What a deep and delightful interview with the equally deep and delightful Linda C. Smith. I, too, am a fan of RDT dating back to my college days — all too long ago. Loved the part about looking in the fridge, seeing what’s there, and making a meal out of it, a lesson learned from Linda’s mother and Miss Virginia (Tanner), then applied, I am sure, to her dance company. GREAT stuff. Thanks so much, Amy Brunvand, for asking ALL the right questions and digging out the good stuff.

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