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Dana Hansen

Dana Hansen is from Northern California and has been in Utah for 5 years. He is in his final semester as a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the University of Utah College of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in Sculpture Intermedia. His current research and practice investigate the conceptual aims of digital sculpture and its integration into virtual/augmented reality or manifested in our physical realm through 3D printing. He uses these digital processes and language to explore how perceptions affect reality and it’s malleability through time. Notes:

Artist Statement

“Reality is individual—it’s the story of our lives that we mine from memory and derive lessons from. These form our beliefs, alter our biases, and become our directives in life. We form a mythos as we navigate the traumatic and life altering circumstances of our existence, and everyone’s myth is inextricably different and unique. An applied mythology is therefore present in my work, as I explore how we percieve reality. I use digital sculpture’s language and processes, investigating our natures change through time as new experience become old memories that decimate and lose integrity. Thus, our existence is malleable; constantly changing as elements within and outside of our control pull us and shape us.”


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