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Dan Toone has spent most of his days doing metal work and welding in the food and dairy industry. In his free-time, he welds his own artistic creations, some of them out of scrap materials from his day job, in the studio he and his son built in Taylorsville. The two-story, 1200 square-foot structure features a storage loft, accessible by stairs that can be hoisted up and down. Six skylights flood the space with natural light, a pot-belly stove in the center provides heat, and a collection of signs adorn the walls . Scrap metal may pile up in the driveway, but inside the materials for the sculptures he and his son, Joshua, create are placed in an orderly fashion — a necessity for working efficiently but also for making room for the studio’s other resident, a 1939 red Plymouth truck Toone hopes to someday get in working condition so he can use it to deliver sculptures.

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