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Dallas Graham is a personal documentary photographer, graphic designer and writer who has merged his loves into a colorful creation called Red Fred Bodoni & The Jolly Troop—a photography/design blog for children and adults that creates value through images and stories by encouraging its readers to “pause & rejoice!”

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design elementMy interest would have to be, by a landslide, The Cathedral of the Madeleine. Why? For nearly eight solid years, I have performed there with the Utah Chamber Artists as Fall tip-toes into SLC. The magic “something” about the vaulted ceilings, the richly refurbished wall paintings and the miraculous glass, threads something golden and refined with the unparalleled voices of that choir. Truly, an angelic experience. I definitely find myself amused and surprised when I hear people remark that they’ve lived in SLC for years and never stepped foot into it. If you’re one of those people reading this right now, stop, drop and stroll over!


e I have a pretty solid stack, all begging for my attention, but books I have actual relationships with are: Discourses on Art by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Simple Times by Amy Sedaris and The Great Bridge by David McCullough.


eSocks typically don’t have the best reputation as the most thoughtful gifts during the holidays. Sure, Dad will always say he needs a few new pairs and my best friend has a “thing” for them, but beyond that, I’ve never found a reason to give socks… until this season. If dark, navy dress socks are the easiest and most non-thinking gift, then Happy Socks are on the opposite pole, where Santa lives. What does that mean for me? I’ve kept my gift giving simple and happy this year: socks for the people I love to make happy.

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