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Dale Thompson: She Could Be Yours

Dale Thompson with a "Dairy Cat" by Utah sculptor Day Christensen, who she profiled in the July 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

Dale Thompson with a “Dairy Cat” by Utah sculptor Day Christensen, whom she profiled in the July 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

The April edition of 15 Bytes is going to be so big, so brimming with artistic marvels, so chalk full of poise-perfect prose and eye-snapping images, that you’ll be begging us for mercy. You can thank Dale Thompson.

Okay, it’s not all Dale. A lot of people put a lot of work into making each edition of 15 Bytes happen. But if you’ve noticed how well 15 Bytes has been chugging along lately, how we now publish as much content between editions (in our Daily Bytes blog) as we used to inside each edition, and how the editions themselves are cleaner, crisper and fuller, then you’ve noticed the fine work Dale has brought to us as our Editorial Intern.

We’ve been pleased to have Dale writing for 15 Bytes for several years now, so when she approached us in November 2012 about amping up her role with 15 Bytes we couldn’t refuse. For her thesis project in the Master of Professional Communication (MPC) program at Westminster College, Dale has spent six months writing and editing blog entries, crafting great articles for each edition, assisting with video production, and helping with every aspect of publishing 15 Bytes.

Sometimes her role has been glamorous, like sitting down for tea with Melissa Sanders to interview her about Red Queen Book Arts. Other times less so — like staying up until two o’clock in the morning to get the edition out, but that’s because she’s a perfectionist and wants to get every edition out on time.

Dale assures us she enjoyed the experience — because, she says, it not only gave her an inside look at every aspect of online publishing, but it also gave her an opportunity to fine-tune her skills as an arts writer, “I got insightful feedback from the editorial staff at 15 Bytes. My article for the April edition is probably one of my best, and that’s because someone sat down with me and helped me work on sentence rhythm and style. I’ve really grown as a writer. I’m extremely happy with my experience as an editorial intern, and I’m grateful to have been able to work with such a wonderful team,” is her unconstrained comment (really, it’s true; I swear we didn’t threaten to block her graduation if she didn’t give us positive feedback).

It’s tempting, of course, to abuse an intern, to pile duty upon duty onto their unpaid back. Which is why we were grateful that Dale was always willing to go “above and beyond” (it made us feel less guilty). Over the course of her internship, she was relied upon to deliver everything she promised for her thesis project and more. She assisted with grant research, helped with logistics for our 35×35 show, and volunteered to do any other work that needed to be done. We’re not sure what we’ll do without her.

Dale is a fine writer, an attentive editor, a genuinely curious individual and a delight to work with.

She also likes gymnastics, long walks on the beach and a warm cup of yerba mate. But sorry guys, she’s already in a relationship.

But to all you employers out there, she is accepting employment propositions.

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