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Cordell Taylor’s Pierpont Studio

photos by Manju Varghese :: text by Daniel Barton

Cordell Taylor’s art studio is definitely not your average metal sculptor’s workspace. Located at 333 Pierpont Avenue, it is as unique as the artist himself. The immaculate studio has a hard wood floor and a rustic look, testifying to its earlier purpose as the Bradshaw Automotive Warehouse. The building was renovated and leased out in the early 80’s after a mysterious murder scandal sent the family company tumbling. It slowly became an artistic community and currently houses almost 70 artists. Outside an English garden with a tree towering overhead filters sunshine down to the inspirational setting below.

Taylor’s studio is exceptionally organized. One immediately sees the domain of a perfectionist, with his countless wrenches, saws, and torches neatly ordered in their respective places. The wooden rafters above do not confine the spatial boundaries of his metal sculpting, as he has grown accustomed to working outside on his pieces in the garden’s ambiance. Towering metal structures resembling oil towers fill this garden studio, and the studio inside becomes a work of art as well with metal spires and cables extending through walls and antiquated locks surrounding the bathroom door. Taylor finds serenity and inspiration; much easier, in fact, than in the concrete parking lot where he previously worked on his art. Certainly, the studio and artist combine to form a unique bond that fosters creativity.

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