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Colour Maisch

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There seem to be two ways in which I understand the world: through my head and through my gut. While both modes have their place, I am drawn to the lush, animal nature of the gut. From this vantage point, I am free to make connections and construct narratives that seemingly have little rhyme or reason, yet touch on something that is familiar and collective. This approach to art making results in still lifes of lived moments. Nylon stockings combined with porcelain and dried grasses are about the characteristics of the materials themselves as well as their ability, when combined, to suggest the connection between ambiguity, contradiction and human experience. For instance, I use porcelain that has perceived value, with another material, such as inexpensive hosiery, that has a very different, if not opposite perceived value intentionally. They speak to the murky and unpretentious alchemical language of the body. The gut does not sort and categorize; the beautiful stews with the ugly, the valuable stews with the cheap and in the end the result is something like a poem that makes perfect sense in a perfectly, nonsensical way




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