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Colour Maisch at Nox Contemporary


The problem with contemporary art, post-modern art, call it what temporary label you will, the problem with new art is always that it doesn’t look like art. Two of the signature schools of late modernism-found art and assemblage-exemplify this dilemma. How can a jumble, not just of familiar stuff, but of familiar junk, be art? Yet some of the finest intellectual and deepest emotional connections to be made in galleries in recent decades have come from just such junkyard plundering. One way to make it new is to add some novelty to an already existing mode. The other is to make the novelty into a mode of its own. Colour Maisch, in a ramshackle warehouse-full of untitled and indiscriminate works currently at Nox Contemporary, does both…

Read the review in the July 2013 edition of 15 Bytes.



Geoff Wichert has degrees in critical writing and creative nonfiction. He writes about art to settle the arguments going on in his head.

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