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Co-Lab presents kinetic sculptures with C:ArtRun


When looking at art people often like to ask, “What does it mean?” Join Artists of Utah tonight at co-lab’s presentation of C:/Art/Run and you’ll also be asking, “What does it do?”

This one-night-only show features collaborative arts/tech projects by students in the CS5789/Art4455 course at the University of Utah. This is a cross-college course taught by Erik Brunvand and Paul Stout that includes both art students and engineering students working together to build computer-controlled kinetic artworks. 

Kinetic art contains moving parts or depends on motion, sound, or light for its effect. An embedded system is a special-purpose computer system (microcontroller) designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions, often reacting to environmental sensors. It is embedded into a complete device including hardware and mechanical parts rather than being a separate computer system.

“Kinetic art using embedded control is a marriage of art and technology,” says Brunvand. “Artistic sensibility and creativity are required for concept and planning, and computer science and engineering skills are required to realize the artistic vision. However, these different skills are often taught in extremely different parts of a university campus. This cross-disciplinary collaborative course is an attempt to bridge that gap. It pairs computer science students with art students to engage in joint engineering design and creative studio projects. These projects combine embedded system design with sculpture to create kinetic art. Students in the course explore interfacing of embedded computer systems with sensors and actuators of all sorts.”

Join us  Thursday, April 30, for the newest installment of co-lab, part of Artists of Utah’s continuing effort to encourage collaborative art projects in Utah’s arts communities.

Where Art and Engineering Come Together

Artist Reception: Thursday, April 30, from 6-9 pm.

This is your only chance to see the project!

Artists of Utah’s co-lab is at Poor Yorick Studios
120 West Crystal Avenue (2590 South) in South Salt Lake.

Look for the red doors and chairs on the south side of the building.

THE ARTISTS: Matthew Adamson, Patrick Charles, Holly Cobb, Celine Downen, Eric Hair, Meng Jia, Stuart Johnsen, Derek Moore, JT Newsome, Anthony Segura, Darin Stoker, James Watts, and Alex Woodward. 



The co-lab is part of Artists of Utah’s continuing effort to encourage collaborative art projects in Utah’s arts communities. It is funded in part by Salt Lake County’s Zoo Arts & Parks.

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