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Clint Whiting, Jordan Brun, Erin Berrett, Valerie Hollstein, Jamie Kyle Take Top Awards at Holladay Art Show

The Holladay Arts Council has announced the winners of its annual Fine Art Show. Many of the winners will remain on display and available for purchase until November 16th at City Hall.

You can view a slideshow of all the winners at holladayarts.org

Clint Wjhiting, “Don’t Give Up On Me”

Professional Acrylic

1st Place Professional Acrylic Clint Whiting; Don’t Give Up on Me

2nd Place Professional Acrylic Stephanie Hock; Choices

3rd Place Professional Acrylic Darryl Erdmann; Falling Into Place

Honorable Mention Professional Acrylic Diane Ingalls-Reid; Loop Series #13

Amateur Acrylic

1st Place Amateur Acrylic Sushma Siddam; Indian Folk Art

2nd Place Amateur Acrylic Pat Newhouse;  Steps Ascending

3rd Place Amateur Acrylic Sheri Sohm; Healing in His Wings

Honorable Mention Amateur Acrylic Mary Bickmore; Le Debut

Honorable Mention Amateur Jeff Haddon; 19_1 Orange + Blue


Jordan Brun, “And They Came to the Air God”

Professional Watercolor 

1st Place Professional Watercolor Jordan Brun; And They Came to the Air God

2nd Place Professional Watercolor Günther Haidenthaller; Snowville Queen

3rd Place Professional Watercolor Craig Stone; On the Weber River

Amateur Watercolor  

1st Place Amateur Watercolor Susannah Mecham; Sophia

2nd Place Amateur Watercolor Merrill Harward; Paris No. 5

3rd Place Amateur Watercolor Ilene Stowe; Nordic Cow

Honorable Mention Amateur Watercolor  Eileen Vestal; View from Jim and Dave’s Bed


Erin Berrett, “Star Brites”

Professional Oil

1st Place Professional Oil Erin Berrett; Star-Brites

2nd Place Professional Oil Heather Olsen; Tall Tree

3rd Place Professional Oil Linda Etherington; Practically Perfectly Perched Parrot

Honorable Mention Professional Oil Jefferey Pugh; Western Light

Amateur Oil 

1st Place Amateur Oil K Holdaway; Neighborhood

2nd Place Amateur Oil Carol Young; Almost Sunset

3rd Place Amateur Oil Philip McCuistion; The Moody Duck

Honorable MentionAmateur Oil Molly Neves; Frozen Banks on Big Cottonwood Creek


Valerie Hollstein, “Winter Ice Skating,” winner of the People’s Choice Award

Mixed Media/Sculpture

1st Place Mixed Media/Sculpture Valerie Hollstein; Winter Ice Skating

2nd Place Mixed Media/Sculpture Rebecca Klundt; Scrap Quilt

3rd Place Mixed Media/Sculpture Melissa Walkenhorst; Lewiston, Ut July 17, 1975

Honorable Mention Mixed Media/Sculpture Kandace Steadman; Evans, Smith & Lindstrom

Photography/Digital Media 

Jamie Kyle, “Tootsie Roll Romp”

1st Place Photography/Digital Media Jamie Kyle; Tootsie Roll Romp

2nd Place Photography/Digital Media Tim Boschert; Social Distance

3rd Place Photography/Digital Media Tim Boschert; Cows Came Home

Honorable Mention Photography/Digital Media Richard Cohen; Winter Treescape



Pastel/Colored Pencil/Graphite  

1st Place Pastel/Colored Pencil/Graphite Rob Chipman; Wasatch Dawn

2nd Place Place Pastel/Colored Pencil/Graphite Susannah Mecham; Helena

3rd Place Pastel/Colored Pencil/Graphite Pat Newhouse; Sunday Morning at River Oaks

Honorable Mention Pastel/Colored Pencil/Graphite Meli Calkins; Wild Impressions

Rob Chipman, “Wasatch Dawn”

Students 13-18

1st Place Students 13-18 Clair Corey; Mom & Baby

2nd Place Students 13-18 Kara Bagley; Reverie

3rd Place Students 13-18 Leila Lunt; Ermine Furs

Honorable Mention Students 13-18 Ruby Theobold; Amstel 34

Students 5-12
1st Place Students 5-12 Scarlett Bardsley; Water Seagull

2nd Place Students 5-12 Scarlett Bardsley; Zebra

3rd Place Students 5-12 Myra Stanley; Deep Thoughts

Honorable Mention Students 5-12 McKinley Dean; Russian Ballet

Honorable Mention Students 5-12 McKinley Dean; Sunset at the Beach


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