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Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor holds a Master of Science in environmental humanities and a Bachelor of Fine Art with a printmaking emphasis from the University of Utah. She is currently an artist in residence at the Natural History Museum of Utah. She was formerly an artist in residence at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and has held teaching-artist residencies with the Utah Division of Arts and Museums. She has exhibited extensively in Utah and her work has been commissioned by many Utah organizations including the Salt Lake City Public Library, Ken Sanders Rare Books, Back of Beyond Books in Utah, the Sustainability Office at the University of Utah and Torrey House Press. She formally worked as the Studio Manager, Instructor and Lead Printer at the Book Arts Program & Red Butte Press at the University of Utah.

Artist Statement
In attempting to describe sublime experiences in words, one feels inadequate or pretentious. Perhaps this is why landscape painters have taken on depicting the sublime. I follow this tradition by visually expressing my ineffable encounters and conversations with what humans refer to as “the natural world”—a named distinction for wildlife and landscapes as if we are separate from them. By sharing my experiences, I challenge the construct of the nature/culture divide.



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