Chuck Close at Salt Lake Art Center

Still from Chock Close

Tonight the Salt Lake City Film Center presents a free screening of a documentary on artist Chuck Close at the Salt Lake Art Center.

The screening of Chuck Close, a film by Marion Cajori, at 7 pm is part of the Film Center’s Creativity in Focus film series. Cajori’s last film (with editing completed by Ken Kobland), Chuck Close provides a well rounded portrait of contemporary art’s most famous portraitist, from his middle-class upbringing, to his studies at Yale and entrance into the New York art world and finally the spinal-column blood clot that has forced him into a wheelchair and which makes it difficult to paint without help from assistants and mechanical aids. The film is filled out with interviews by Close’s friends, peers and subjects, including Phillip Glass, Brice Marsden and Alex Katz.

The various components are held together by a series of interwoven scenes that follow Close’s artistic process as he creates a self-portrait over an eighty-two day period — from the film’s opening scene, in which the artist chooses his subject from among a number of photographic self-portraits, to close ups of the artist’s step-by-step process of filling in each cell of the canvas, to the astonishing final product.

Chuck Close — Friday, February 11th, 7pm at the Salt Lake Art Center. A free screening presented by the Salt Lake City Film Center.

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