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Christopher Kelly: Christopher Kelly’s God Complex at UMOCA

Salt Lake City
June 21 – Aug. 24

What does it mean to revisit a world of your construction after a 10-year hiatus: one where you are the creator, builder, and participant? Does its existence shift, change, grow, or diminish in your absence? What does it mean to rebuild it with new knowledge? Are you creating a continuation or an entirely new world? What do you bring with you? What do you leave behind?

These are the questions asked in Christopher Kelly’s God Complex. Ten years ago, in this same gallery, Kelly explored “a universal human desire to develop and control an alternative place where the creator oversees the future of their domain” as described by then curator Rebecca Maksym. Using references to 1970s dystopian science fiction movies and motifs, Kelly’s original piece examined human desire for control and manipulation.

Kelly continues his use of science fiction tropes and aesthetics, but this time as a way to deconstruct past ideas and materials, reconfiguring them to start again from a more informed place and push through existential barriers. Kelly’s current work furthers the notion of a “wormhole, catapulting the viewer to another universe where escapist tendencies are only limited by individual experience and imagination.”

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

20 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84101

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