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Check out “Turning Point” with Jeff Lambson

In our September edition of 15 Bytes, Ehren Clark suggested that the best way to see Turning Point, the exhibition of mid and late twentieth century American art, would be with a guided tour by co-curator Jeff Lambson. Well, this weekend is your chance.

You are cordially invited to join art lovers from the UMFA and the Salt Lake Art Center as they travel Provo for a private tour of “Turning Point” at BYU Museum of Art from Jeff Lambson, the new Curator of Contemporary Art.

For those so inclined, the festivities will start at Pizzeria Seven Twelve in Orem (http://www.pizzeria712.com/) 320 South State Street at 12:30pm.

Participants willl then officially meet at the MOA (http://moa.byu.edu/) at 2pm for a tour of the Turning Point exhibition (http://moa.byu.edu/index.php?id=1625) with Jeff Lambson. There is plenty of parking at the Museum.

For maps and directions to the Museum: http://moa.byu.edu/index.php?id=1314.

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