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Chauncey Secrist: (un)Holy Relics at Finch Lane Gallery

Salt Lake City
Mar. 12 – April 23

Chauncey Secrist’s (un)Holy Relics is inspired by his experiences growing up as an outsider of a dominant culture informed by religion. Secrist grew up in a conservative, heavily religious neighborhood, in a family that was largely agnostic/atheist. “What has stuck with me is the comment that because I do not believe in God, I cannot understand sacredness or reverence,” writes Secrist.

(un)Holy Relics acts as Secrist’s response to the opinion that an agnostic/atheist person cannot feel reverence. It is a series of sculptures encased within glass cloches, giving the impression of sacredness. The sculptures are comprised of materials that hold significance for the artist as well as found materials, such as bones, string and rocks. Each sculpture appears as an enshrined vignette devoted to an undefined hallowed belief.

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Salt Lake City Arts Council
54 Finch Lane
Salt Lake City, UT 84102


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