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Changes at the BYU Art Department

The Brigham Young University Department of Art has announced associate professor Collin Bradford has been selected as the new Department Chair. He will began his term June 1st.⁠

Bradford replaces professor Joseph Ostraff who is retiring after 31 years in the department (see our profile of Ostraff here).

Associate professor Bryon Draper is also retiring. Draper joined BYU as a full-time faculty member in 1999 and has taught sculpture for the past 25 years. He studied at BYU Hawai’i (BFA) and BYU (MFA).

Bradford, who has been with the Department of Art since 2016, originally hails from the Great Lakes area. After earning his undergraduate degree from BYU and a Master’s from the University of Illinois, he transitioned from an early interest in engineering to art, driven by a natural curiosity for various fields including philosophy, math, and computer science. His art spans drawing, photography, sculpture, and video, engaging with the world through diverse mediums.


Images courtesy of BYU Department of Art

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