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Chad Crane

Chad Crane in his studio at the University of Utah

“The inauthentic disrupts the authentic in Chad Crane’s Taming the Myth, an exhibition of new paintings opening at Palmers Gallery as part of the Gallery Stroll on April 17th. With sardonic whimsy, Crane explores the heroic clichés of the nineteenth-century American West, which are mostly reduced to conflicts between “cowboys and Indians.” His deft manipulation of multiple media—acrylic gel transfer, oil, colored pencil, graphite, and a fine layer of encaustic over all—allows viewers to accept that these somewhat ridiculous characters and incongruous symbols can be coherent in time and place, even as his caricature-like rendering of them unites us in seeing our reality as firmly distinct from theirs. They remind us that, as Crane puts it, “what’s represented isn’t actually what happened at all…”

Read A.C. Bacall’s profile of Chad Crane in the April 2009 edition of 15 Bytes.

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