Centennial Valley Art

Utah’s newest art location is actually located in Montana. Just north of the Idaho border, in the isolated splendor of Southwest Montana’s Centennial Valley,|0| the University of Utah’s College of Humanities has established The Environmental Humanities Education Center (EHEC). Its programs focus the lens of the arts and humanities on environmental study, enhancing and expanding education for the protection of wildlife and wild lands. After a succesful summer full of workshops — including Terry Tempest William’s Ecology of Residency masters course, Eco-spirituality with George Handley and Tom Goldsmith, Stephen Trimble’s Tutored by the Land workshop, and the Re-imagining the Western Landscape symposiu — the EHEC is hosting the first annual Centennial Valley Arts Celebration at the end of September.|

Read more in the September 2012 edition of 15 Bytes.

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