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We’ve faltered.
We’ve stumbled.
We’ve lain prone,
Wishing the dark clouds white.

It was 8 months ago this week that the foul wind COVID-19 came riding in on slammed the door shut to the Utah art world and upended our community.
We were busy hanging our 35×35 exhibition.
Like everyone else, we’ve done our best to try to figure out some new normal — closing doors, opening them, closing them again, pushing them slightly ajar, peeking outside to see what the weather is like. We’ve reduced, reconfigured, reconsidered. We’ve held our breath.
We’ve been lucky. A generous grant from the Doctorow Family Foundation carried us through the worst of it. We’ve continued to receive support from Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, the Utah Division of Arts and Museums and the Sam & Diane Stewart Family Foundation; and from underwriters like UMFA, UMOCA, UDAM, Finch Lane Gallery, Phillips Gallery, Spring City Arts. And we’ve been the recipients of very generous support from some our readers (see below).
We were planning on having a big fundraiser during that 35×35 exhibition. That, obviously, didn’t happen. Nor would it have seemed appropriate, when everything seemed up in the air.
If we’re coming to you now, that’s not to suggest that we’re all not still juggling, that we might not yet see some airborne things come crashing down around us.
But, we do want to say, we’re STILL HERE. And we hope to be around 8 months from now.

You can also send us a contribution via Venmo: @artistsofutah
Or mail a check to:
Artists of Utah
P.O. Box 526292
SLC, UT 84152
We’d like to thank these generous readers who have contributed to 15 Bytes in 2020:
Thomas Spalding, Craig Denton, Frank McEntire, Theresa Otteson, Gail Weinflash, Sheri Gibb, Nox Contemporary, Justin Diggle, Janice Gee, Jared Steffensen, Nancy Boskoff, Beth Krensky, Venessa Castagnoli, Mary Jo Kleinschmidt, Kent Rigby, Donna Poulton, Keith Slade, Addie Ryder, Leslie Thomas, Stefanie Dykes, Emily King, Marcus Vincent, Jim Frazer, Carol Fulton, Amber Peck ,Jane Lindeman, Paul & Gretchen Reynolds, Jim Jacobs, Scotti Hill, Andrew Rice, Bernard Meyers, Trent Alvey, Sheryl Gillilan, Stefanie Dykes, Steven Labrum, Crystal Young-Otterstrom, Carol Fulton, Nancy Vorm, Karen Elrod, Susan Meyer, Sue Martin, Thomas Aaron, Stephen Trimble, Hikmet Loe, Stephanie St. Thomas, Elise Zoller, David Pace, Draper Fine Art, Charles Quimby

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